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The faculty of nursing was established the 28th, of June,1996. It is the fourteenth faculty of Thammasat University. There are approximately 80-100 students enrolled in each year. They are selected by means of a quata and an admission process.


The Faculty of Nursing believes that the nursing profession is an essential part of society. Nursing plays a vital role in Holistic health care, ranging from infants to the elderly, from those with perfect health to those with severe illness. The goal of nursing is to assist individuals to maintain the well-being of their families and communities. Clients and families are of the utmost importance for the nursing profession. There are the center of nursing care. Clients must have the right to be informed and to make decisions about their own care. Nursing education is a socialization process that provides knowledge, develops professional ethics, and nursing skill so that the nurses can work effectively as professionals at all levels. The quality of the teaching-learning process focuses on a student-centered approach to develop critical thinking and the self-directed learning skills that lead to life-long learning.

  • Message from the DEAN

    The aim of the Thammasat University
    (TU) Faculty of Nursing is to be one of Thailand's foremost leaders in nursing education, technology, research, ethics, and to be a model of health promotion. According to this vision, the TU Faculty of Nursing has grown from a single purpose program to a complex institution with numerous missions in terms of building stronger networks among graduates, deepening its research, expanding its academic services, and promoting cultural conservation so as to serve the needs of the community at both the regional and national levels. Our faculty, staff, and students are the energy and momentum for this change.It is believed that the TU Faculty of Nursing will become a magnet for faculty and staff that are searching for new ways to improve our educational and administrative system in order to develop new knowledge for the benefit of people. Along with this belief, our faculty not only employ this knowledge in the workplace and the society at large, but they also help encourage life-long learning and the continuous intellectual growth of the people with whom they come into contact.

  • Assoc.Prof. Dr.
    Manyat Ruchiwit
    Dean, Faculty of Nursing
    Thammasat University,